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Source 88

Tim + Elise

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Source 88 is 100% Australian owned business located in Sydney NSW. Tim & Elise, are a twin flame couple who met in Uluru in January 2019, in synchronous ways. They are Sound Healers and Spiritual Facilitators who use and offer many different types of training workshops, breathwork, sound & vibration events, private healing sessions using their knowledge, voices/vocals and sound and vibrational instruments, transformational life coaching, mentorship programs & more.

Their journey as Twin Flames has collided them with Crystal Singing Bowls and they have fallen in love with the healing qualities of these beautiful and powerful quartz based instruments. Now they are selling a wide range of Crystal Singing Bowls and other Quartz Crystal Healing Instruments and accessories to assist other practitioners and clients to enjoy the healing benefits of these amazing instruments.

As Tim and Elise have evolved in their businesses they have created training opportunities to assist others to integrate sound and vibration into their daily lives, practices and businesses.

What we are teaching at Yoga Day - Sydney

Crystal Bowl Sound Bath

Our Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath will immerse you in a symphony of healing sounds which are designed to create a soothing, nurturing and expansive environment. The vibrations of crystal singing bowls, crystal pyramids, and vocal toning will wash over you, helping to release energetic blockages, restore balance, and promote deep relaxation.


Allow the gentle waves of sound to guide you into a state of profound peace, where your heart can truly speak and guide you towards a more authentic way of living. The intention of this Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath is to provide a safe and supportive space for you to drop into your heart and open yourself to love and gratitude.

Disclaimer ** Profound insights, moments of clarity, & heart opening bliss may occur **

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Tim specialises in teaching, training and inspiring people to heal using sound and vibration and also mentors’ others in stepping into sound and healing as a part of their divine life purpose.

Tim facilitates Crystal Singing Bowl Intuitive Training workshops, 2 Day crystal bowl training workshops for Yoga Teachers & Practitioners, and 6 month sound, vibration & intuitive healing mentorship programs.

Elise specialises in assisting people to re-member who they are at their most authentic level. Elise offers support & guidance for people to ground into their spiritual path & practices, heal and expand, and subsequently often people begin to uncover & find clarity on their divine life purpose.

Elise offers sound healing, breathwork, energy healing, past life connections, inner child healing, psychic work, mediumship, women's workshops, 1:1 transformational life coaching and 6 month sound, vibration & intuitive healing mentorship programs

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