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About Yoga Day


  • Doors open at 9.30 am. Classes start at 10 am.

  • Press here to see our timetable and teachers >>> If you purchased a ticket and haven't received a link to create your password on SCHED (link above) so you can plan your day, please email us.

  • Yoga Day is BYO yoga mat. You can purchase mats from our market place on the day.

  • Food options are limited at the event. There is a cafe in the foyer of the hotel and a great food court at the MLC Centre a short walk from the Fullerton Hotel (on other side of Pitt St). If you are planning on doing all time slots on the time table, it may be better to bring your own snacks. Spiral Foods will be selling miso soup within the market place.

  • The Fullerton Hotel is 1 Martin Place, Sydney (entrance on Pitt Street or Martin Place) and you can walk from Martin Place Train Station or Wynard Station.

  • No animals are allowed at Yoga Day due to the Fullerton Hotel's restrictions (except registered service animals).

  • Yoga Day is RAIN, HAIL OR SHINE - we are completely indoors and it will be warm and cosy.

  • If you wish to drive parking can be pre-booked for cheaper rates nearby.  Wilsons at Angel Place is on the harbour side of Martin Place, before you drive toward the Fullerton Hotel and is an easy walk.  Secure Parking is at 1 Martin Place (but not part of the Fullerton Hotel – same building though).  Parking links to book are:

Wilsons at Angel Place (on Pitt St) >>>

Secure Parking (on Pitt St, next to hotel) >>>

Yoga Day - Sydney

Yoga Day is a fantastic gateway for individuals to delve into a variety of yoga styles and wellness practices that they might not typically encounter in their daily lives. By attending this immersive event, participants can learn new skills, broaden their perspectives, and embark on a journey of exploration and growth. 


The founder behind Yoga Day is Janie Larmour.  With a career spanning 29 years in health and wellness, she has been sharing her passion nationally at large expos and festivals for 15 years and most intensely, internationally for the past 8 years in the USA and UK.  Her extensive global experience has exposed her to the transformative power of yoga events, witnessing firsthand the excitement and wonder they create in both beginners and experienced yogis.

Recognising the need for a dynamic platform in Australia, Janie was inspired to create Yoga Day.  The vision is to provide a remarkable opportunity for yoga teachers, studios and wellness brands to showcase their offerings in front of a large and diverse audience.  As there hasn't been a festival like Yoga Day since 2013, our aim is to reignite the yoga community's enthusiasm by bringing together a multitude of experiences under one event.

Yoga Child's Pose


Our mission at Yoga Day is to provide a unique and comprehensive platform where individuals can experience a diverse range of yoga, meditation, and wellness practices all in one place, in a single day. We aim to foster exploration, connection, and personal growth by offering opportunities to discover new yoga styles, teachers, health and wellness products, experiences and build meaningful relationships, while promoting yoga teachers, yoga studios and wellness products to a larger audience.


Our vision at Yoga Day is to create a vibrant community that embraces yoga and wellness practices, making them accessible to a wider variety of individuals. We aspire to reignite passion among current yogis while introducing them to a broader spectrum of yoga and wellness offerings. By offering a diverse marketplace, we envision supporting yoga and wellness brands in reaching larger audiences in a cost-effective manner. We strive to empower individuals from all walks of life to embark on their own transformative journey, whether they are beginners or experienced practitioners, and to foster a sense of unity and connection for all. Through our vision, we aim to promote well-being, personal growth and a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection.

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