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Are you battling hormone imbalances that leave you feeling drained and frustrated?

From heavy periods to relentless acne, low energy to sleepless nights, our mission is to guide you towards hormone harmony.

Discover Seed Cycling a food as medicine, Nutritional and Naturopathic technique. This ancient practice is used to help women balance their hormones and renew their vitality.

All great things that bloom start with a small seed, and for our founder Mel Kovacevic, this was planted at her wellness clinic.

As an EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, or ‘tapping’) practitioner, Mel’s clients regularly came to her hormonal issues like mood irregularity, acne, weight gain, and difficulty conceiving.


These health-savvy women did not want to resort to band aid solutions like The Pill or other medications that could potentially do their body more harm than good. 

Mel thought ‘there has got to be a better, more natural way to help these women find relief’ Following extensive research, she found her answer: Seed cycling. Making waves in wellness circles in the US, this menstrual biohacking method uses nutrients (not artificial hormones) to achieve hormone balance.

Visit Mel, founder of

The Seed Cycle at

Yoga Day.

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