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The Centre of Ki is run by Leah Cooper in the Barossa Valley, South Australia. As a student of yoga for over 25 years and teacher for over 15, she is passionate about guiding her students on their journey to building strong, healthy and vibrant bodies and minds.


Developing a strong core through a therapeutic yoga practice based on the eastern meridian system of healing is the foundation of her teaching and the focus of her offerings at Yoga Day. Leah will be presenting a Core Yoga class and has created a Core Yoga online program for those wishing to explore the power of Core Yoga further. She has also created a Core Yoga professional development course for teachers who wish to incorporate this practice into their classes.


Core Yoga has the potential to help people improve their health and wellbeing by bringing the organs of the digestive system back into balance, relieving back pain, reducing the symptoms of period pain, improving posture, alignment and balance, and developing core strength which is essential for maintaining mobility and stability for the duration of our lifespan.


Visit The Centre of Ki exhibit at Yoga Day for more information about Leah’s programs, courses and classes (which are available via livestream). She will also be offering seated shiatsu massage (10 minute duration) for those who wish to experience a moment of blissful timeout during the event.

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Leah is a passionate advocate for health and wellbeing and shares her knowledge and experience on her YouTube channel.


She began her podcast, The Wellbeing Room, in 2021 and has interviewed yoga teachers, spiritual counsellors, whole food chefs and other interesting and insightful teachers, coaches and wellbeing experts. 


Tune into The Wellbeing Room on your preferred audio streaming service.

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