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Moira Gordon

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Moira is a founding Director of the Yoga For Good Foundation which awards grants for community programs and other projects. YFG propagates yoga practice and bring benefits to people through Yoga, Meditation and related practices. A life-long practitioner of Yoga and Meditation, Moira qualified to teach yoga 30 years ago, then went into the corporate world.

Over a decade ago she was initiated into dashnami sanyasi with the name Nirvana from paramahamsa swami Satsangi in the Satyananda tradition. Moira is fulfilling her Dharma combining business and yoga teaching. Her particular interest is yoga for aging well, and she has experience of many Yoga styles, one being Dru, which originated in her home town in England. She first practiced Salute to the Four Directions in 1990s Australia with the IYTA, she now teaches Dru in the community and has a diverse personal practice.

What I am teaching at Yoga Day - Sydney

Salute to the Four Directions

connecting to your inner self


This sequence from Dru yoga, introduces the principle of moving with comfort, ease and soft joints, working on all layers of being to connect with the still point within. Four Directions, leaves us feeling calm in our body, mind and emotions. The addition of affirmation and colour for each direction and expansive prana connects us with earth and sky. A powerful class when practiced with full awareness, we open with activations, release blocked energy and close with relaxation and assimilation.

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