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These unique and totally adjustable meditation stools and seats are hand made from solid wood and allow you to kneel comfortably during your meditation. For those who like to meditate whilst kneeling, the meditation stool provides support and and reduces the pressure on the back of the knees. This reduces the feelings of compression and ‘pins and needles’ that is common in the seiza (kneeling) position.


Unlike other stools that need joints, hinges or small screws to give strength, this meditation stool has a steel rod through the centre and is fixed at either end to give strength. Once fixated into the position that is most comfortable for you, the stool will remain in that angle and position, allowing you to set your own preferred angle that does not change. This is different to cushions or pillows, which not only need to be adjusted with each use, but flatten during the meditation.


These stools will maintain their position and angle, ensuring that you do not need to constantly adjust your position or posture during your meditation.


A better posture during meditation allows a better meditation.

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