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Leah Cooper

The Centre of Ki

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Originally from the northern beaches of Sydney, Leah now calls the Barossa Valley home. Leah is a Senior Yoga Teacher, accredited with Yoga Australia, and has been teaching for over 15 years. Her yoga practice began back in 1996 at the Ryoho Yoga school in Manly where, in 2007, she completed her teacher training. Leah has also trained in Zen Ki Yoga, Ki Shiatsu, Macrobiotic Counselling, Prenatal Yoga and Zenergy Kids Yoga.
She also has a background as a Physical and Health Education teacher, having taught this curriculum in both primary and secondary schools.
Leah has helped hundreds of people connect with their core through her regular classes (in-studio and online) and at a number of yoga events and conferences in South Australia.  She is passionate about health and wellbeing and shares her knowledge and experience on her YouTube channel (The Centre of Ki) and podcast (The Wellbeing Room).

What I am teaching at Yoga Day - Sydney

Core Yoga

Connection to the core, both physically and energetically, is a key aspect of a yoga practice. Establishing and fostering this connection is essential for our health and wellbeing. In this class, you will be guided through a series of movements and asanas that bring blood and energy to the belly, build core strength, and deepen your awareness of this foundational aspect of your energetic body. As a result, you will leave feeling calmer, grounded and with a deeper appreciation of what it means to ‘sit in one's centre’.

Face Yoga

Would you like to learn a simple and effective way to improve your facial skin tone and musculature?
In this face yoga session, Leah will guide you through a series of face yoga exercises to activate your facial muscles that will leave your face feeling relaxed, toned and tingly.

She will share her face yoga routine that includes exercises for specific parts of the face. You'll be amazed at how easily these exercises can be incorporated in a daily face care practice. Leah has been practising face yoga on an almost daily basis for 7 years. This natural approach to skin care has helped her become more comfortable in her own skin and brought greater joy to her life and she is looking forward to sharing this practice with you.

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