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Kaja Yoga

Kaja Troa


Kaja was born in the very north of Norway, and then eventually landed at the opposite end of the World in Sydney, the first beach Bondi, where she teaches seaside today.


The ocean has always been a healing place to her and an incredible place to practice and where she often teaches private classes, outdoors, amongst the elements, where she feel most inspired and connected to her Viking roots.

Kaja is a trained Actor and Dancer, and first discovered Iyengar Yoga in her tumultuous teens, eventually assisting her Mentor Anne Lewis, in Hatha, Tantra and her incredible Tibetan Rites Program throughout the ’90s. However, it was not until 2013 that Kaja fulfilled her dream and did a 500-hour Teacher Training at Qi Yoga at Freshwater Beach. The training continued with the Zenergy Kids Yoga, Yin Yoga  at Power Living, Meditation with Antoinette Sampson, Shakti Durga, Guru Amma, and the list continues.


Kaja thrive on learning, and as a Teacher, the importance of also being a student. She has also continued to work since 2013 on Sydney's Northern Beaches including Manly FC, CBD corporates, Yoga By the Sea Australia, Soul Flow Yoga, Sydney Private Yoga, and Sydney Yoga Collective, and on the other side of the Pacific - Dancing Vishnu Studio in New Zealand.

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What I am teaching at Yoga Day - Sydney

Yin Yoga for Autumn

Feeling burnt out already and we are not even halfway into the year? Or perhaps you're feeling stagnant, blocked, uninspired and unable to shift unwanted energy, people or situations? Perhaps you are just longing for more balance in your life and retuning to your SELF.  Let the dead leaves drop! 


As the leaves continue to fall it's a potent time to explore the seasonal energy of Autumn, as we get ready to flow into winter and the water element'.


I invite you to celebrate this powerful time with me via a ritual of Yang Yoga, Yin Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation, Reiki, and Sound Healing. 


Aligning yourself with nature’s seasons, helps you to feel calm, grounded, and balanced. Autumn is a good time to give the body and mind a deep cleanse.


Yin yoga in Autumn is one of the best ways to help your mind and body let go of what no longer serves you and feel more grounded. It’s time to create more space for yourself and self-nourishing. When we let go of our past we gain more wisdom. Energetically, the season of Autumn calls in a rebalancing of the metal element and strong focus around the Large Intestine Meridian which helps us clear what doesn’t serve us physically, mentally, and spiritually.


This class is suited for all levels ( and especially those that don't have time for it), is transformational, spiritual, educational, and most importantly FUN.

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