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Zen Ki Yoga

Janie Larmour


Janie is the founder of Yoga Day and has a wealth of experience teaching at yoga festivals, expos and conferences all over the USA, Australia and the UK.


She has 29 years of experience in health, fitness and training clients with 24 of those years teaching yoga, clocking up over 18,000 hours of teaching group classes, over 45,000 hours working with private clients, over 2,800 hours of formal study, more than that of self-study and over 5,000 hours teacher training others!!


Janie's years of study and experience lead her to develop Zen Ki Yoga® which combines Japanese styles of yoga and shiatsu with impeccable attention to anatomy and alignment. She has had many celebrity clients and is regularly written about in many magazines, books and website publications and has appeared multiple times on television teaching yoga on talk shows.

Janie has been a cover girl Australian Yoga Journal and written many articles for them. She has been at The Yoga Expo since it began in 2016 and it is one of her favorite events to teach at. She has taught workshops, teacher trainings and classes all over the USA, London, all over Australia and New Zealand. As a result, Janie has successfully proved Zen Ki Yoga® as a popular new yoga style in the Australia, USA and the UK. Janie has been teaching yoga since 1999, personal training since 1994 and even before that, she began building her knowledge of the body with competitive trampolining and springboard diving from the age of 12 where she spent time at diving camps at the Australian Institute of Sport.

Janie has been particularly successful with clients with severe back pain, crippling period pain and endometriosis who have become pain free through Janie’s guidance without requiring surgery or medication. She now specialises in Zen Ki Yoga® running teacher trainings world-wide with face-to-face trainings and via her popular online yoga studio. Her courses are thorough and her knowledge of the body and how to use it for optimal health have made her a popular teacher, trainer and presenter.

What I am teaching at Yoga Day - Sydney

Psoas Release for Anxiety and Back Pain Relief

Experience how easy it is to lengthen your psoas to relieve back pain, improve your posture and create better hormone flow. Learn how this deep core muscle is related to anxiety, your adrenal glands and reproductive system and how working this muscle with Zen Ki Yoga can put everything back into balance and leave you feeling lighter, taller and calmer.

Food as Medicine talk for Spiral Foods

the real superfoods you might not know about...

Learn all about the super healing foods you've probably never heard of like amazake, umeboshi, kuzu as well as the benefits of seaweeds, miso soups, tamari and shoyu and how to use them properly for maximum health benefits.

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