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Hypnoga is a fusion of yoga and hypnotherapy for those who seek strength and clarity in mind and body.


Hypnoga fuses the most empowering elements of these modalities, providing an immersive and revolutionary experience with movement, mindset, and meditation.

Hypnoga leads students to an Inner Revelation for Outer Transformation

Whether you’ve been raising a family, running a household, building a career and everything in between–it’s time to break free from this overwhelming cycle–where you come in last.

It’s time to release the painfully familiar patterns of feeling UNSEEN, UNHEARD and DISCONNECTED from your true self.

Many, just like you, have sacrificed their wellbeing, their ambitions and desires to meet external demands –and it’s taken an immeasurable toll on their lives.

But here's the silver lining …

YOU, and only you, possess the power to shatter the cycle of exhaustion and self-neglect.

You CAN transform every aspect of your life with Hypnoga Embody.


Visit Heidi Stenschke at Yoga Day to find out more about Hypnoga. 

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  1. Reduce stress & overwhelm.

  2. Increase flexibility, lengthen & strengthen the body.

  3. Learn easy to understand skills for success in life.

  4. Learn skills and strategies to create lasting change.

  5. Learn the importance of boundaries, and how to set and enforce them. 

  6. Experience complete relaxation.

  7. Learn to quiet the ‘monkey mind’.

  8. Develop greater self-awareness. 

  9. Improve relationships as we understand how our mind works.

  10. We learn how hypnosis works and how it is used to influence consumer behaviour.

  11. Learn to harness the power of the 7 main energy centres.

  12. Experience community and genuine connection.

  13. Become receptive to your inner wisdom.

  14. Learn how to positively influence others with easy ‘should-be-taught-school’ information.

  15. And so much more...

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