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Heartfulness offers practices and lifestyle tips for mental and emotional wellbeing. To individuals, local communities, corporate and government organisations, schools and universities.

Their certified coaches are available anywhere in the world, free of charge, 24/7. We want to inspire you to live a happy and purposeful life. There are a selection of simple practices, activities and community events.

Heartfulness is an inclusive, not-for-profit organisation that offers practices to expand human potential through love and harmony. These simple practices will improve your day-to-day life and help you achieve balance, peace and joy.


Heartfulness is a 100 year-old tradition that continues to evolve with the times, integrating scientific enquiry and time-honoured contemplative practices. Certified coaches will guide you to experience the subtle energy of transmission, which awakens a deeper energy of inner experience, authenticity, compassion and awareness.

Heartfulness practices help you develop total wellbeing, contentment, calm, compassion, courage and clarity.  With this awakened potential, we can together create a world based on respect, peace and unity.

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