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Eleni's Yoga & Movement Studio

Eleni Leontsini


Eleni has been teaching forever!!!! Specifically, 28 awesome years.  What has been an amazing journey for Eleni of the universe and her enthusiasm for collaboration to get her to this path.

The path of leading, motivating, inspiring and guiding every student that attends her yoga classes to have a fun, accessible, healing, safe and peaceful yoga practice.

Eleni started teaching aerobics classes when she turned 20 years old, with an amazing job at a Corporate Gym at Sydney Domestic Airport.

Eleni did her yoga teacher training with Acharya Upendra Roy who was literally the person that changed her destiny. Before opening her own yoga studio she taught aerobics and had the contract at State Parliament of NSW. Her yoga teachers, through the years have been a core group from Simon Borg, Lance Schuler, Lara Zilibowitz.


This August Eleni will be celebrating of 19 years running her yoga studio.

What I am teaching at Yoga Day - Sydney

Yoga is not Just Down Dogs

Yoga flow with all the familiar yoga poses but spiced up with mobility drills that are fun and accessible. An interactive class where the teacher is not the only one delivering the class.


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