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Dru Yoga
Dru Australia is a Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training organisation with over 25 years experience. We also specialise in delivering post graduate CPD to provide a supportive community and CDP pathways for Yoga Teachers with post graduate courses such as Subtle Energetics of Dru Yoga.

This exciting new course helps you take a deep dive into the pranamaya kosha, our layer of subtle energy that links mind with body. In 3 weekends, you'll explore from a different perspective Dru's unique Energy Block Release and Energy sequences as well as exploring asanas-as-sequence.

Enjoy a taste of the Subtle Energetics of Dru Yoga at this Yoga Day in Sydney.

What is Dru Yoga?
With its foundations set firmly in ancient yogic tradition and its emphasis on soft, flowing movements. Dru Australia is a not for profit community of highly experienced Senior Yoga & MeditationTeacher Trainers & Ayurveda Practitioners working as teams across Australia and New Zealand Dru is an inherently trauma sensitive and highly inclusive yoga designed to be practised by people of all abilities, fitness levels and age groups.

It is a style of yoga that can be quickly dipped into or learnt in more depth over a lifetime. It is taught in many different countries, and as such has helped us become one of the largest yoga organisations in the world.

As hundreds of our students are finding every day, at its most simple, Dru Yoga helps relieve the pressures of modern living.

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from Dru Yoga stand at Yoga Day

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Visit Dru Yoga at at Yoga Day to learn more about the Subtle Energetics of Dru Yoga, Energy Block Release, Energy sequences, teacher trainings and more...

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