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LV Chair Yoga

Claire Cunneen

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Claire is from Sydney, Australia and is an expert in her field. She holds a Bachelors Degree in Sport & Exercise Science and is a qualified Yoga Therapist, among many other certifications. She has been in the Fitness Industry for more than 20 years. Check out her resume and full list of credentials here.

During this time she has developed a passion for helping others to live not only a healthy life but a happy one. She is dedicated to creating exercise sessions that are welcoming and inclusive for everybody. Her classes are not only beneficial for the physical body and improving physical health, but are also fun, empowering and inspiring people to feel happier, healthier and to live their lives to the fullest no matter who they are or what stage of life they are at. Her goals are to improve the lives and positively impact all who she comes into contact with.

What I am teaching at Yoga Day - Sydney

Chair Yoga

In Chair Yoga we offer all the traditional mat Yoga poses, adapted for the chair with options for all bodies. Our Chair Yoga class is perfect for everyBODY! And, it's especially great for those who want to participate in yoga but have challenges getting down to a yoga mat on the floor. It is ideal if you are travelling, sitting at a desk, a bit older or have challenges with mobility, living with a disability, doing rehab or managing an injury.


Our Chair Yoga sessions consist of breathing & chairasanas (seated Yoga movements) to strengthen muscles and joints, improve mobility, health and wellness. Plus a beautiful relaxing meditation which can reduce stress, anxiety and improve overall wellbeing. 

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