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Coconut Spice Yoga and Naturopathy

Chrissie Alexander

Chrissie has been teaching for 15 years, doing a 350 YTT with Byron Yoga Centre in 2009, Advanced YTT 500 hr with Sukha Mukha and further training in India, Ayurveda, Clive Sheridan Pranayama, Seane Corn, Quantum Yoga, Yoga Synergy workshops, Rebirthing breathwork, Mikhael Pranayama.
She has presented at LoveFest festivals running Chakra Yoga flows and breathwork and also Cacao, Rebirthing Breathwork & Sound healing journeys as well as at Castle Village Festivals.  Chrissie has also been running yoga and breath work retreats in Bali, Byron, South Coast NSW Australia for the last 9 years.

What I am teaching at Yoga Day - Sydney

Chakra Yoga Flow

Chrissie will help you connect to your body and your energy centres, unblocking any tension, unresolved emotions and stagnant energy through an energising, embodied yoga flow & breath work.


Connecting to the elements, you will be guided through grounding standing poses, opening your hips, connecting to your fire centre before opening your heart, the bridge between the lower and upper chakras.


Heart openers and inversions will help to open up energy, opening our throats to speak our truth all the way up to your crown. Creating a sense of harmony as we drop deeper inwards and finish with a guided yoga nidra in savasana.

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