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doTerra - Oily Soul

Carolyn Wiseman

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As a Holistic Health Coach I offer you two things. You can opt-in to coaching with me and/or for many you will also want to be a part of my Oily Soul venture where you can learn about aromatherapy and natural products as a foundation to better health and vitality. Your call either way. Please know that when you do you will be transformed and your savvy will be savvier, your soul will be deeply enriched and your heart will align with you – the real you. You will find you again. I share with you a path for the change you are looking for. This is your time.

I am very passionate about helping men and women transform and become the best ever freaking versions of themselves. This transformation is real and sustained. It will allow you to thrive emotionally, physically and spiritually. As your coach you will find me understanding, intuitive, knowledgeable and able to provide practical, do-able guidance with a no BS policy. Legit.

The choices you make are yours and I will serve you as a beacon, a light, your coach, your mentor.

What I am teaching at Yoga Day - Sydney

Shinrin Yoku Forest Bathing Session

How would you like to explore forest bathing using Shinrin Yoku essential oil capturing an ancient Japanese Tradition? This session will take you on a journey of breath, aroma and inner calm by grounding in the forest. Learn how to release and let go of emotional and energy blockages, or simply learn a new way to fill the body with a freshness and flow.  Great for an imaginary city escape and a wonderful way to add a nurturing element to your yoga flow.  Using this blend is a sacred way to honour you and your individual meditative or reflective practice.


The first 20 attendees will receive a sample to use during the session and all attendees will receive a voucher to use toward their start or restart of essential oils with doterra and Carolyn.

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