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Camel Milk is perhaps the worlds oldest superfood, but, until now, it has rarely been used to create cosmetics or treatment creams. Yet camel milk creams are absorbed quickly, leaving little residue, so that not only the milk but also any added essential oils, vitamins and other nourishing ingredients are absorbed. With camel milk products, you are applying natures bounty; what goes on to the skin goes into the skin. So camel milk increases the benefits of common natural skincare ingredients by improving their absorption.

But the true magic of camel milk creams doesn’t lie in the essential oils, vitamins and nourishing ingredients that we add. The magic is the milk itself. The composition of camel milk is closer to human breast milk than any other milk source. Its fats are finely homogenised so that they are absorbed quickly through the skin, reaching further, faster and without leaving any residue behind. Camel milk stimulates micro-circulation in the area of application, bringing oxygenated blood to the skin to promote skin health. The high content of unsaturated Omega fatty acids reduces inflammation and stimulates skin repair, whilst Vitamin C aids collagen synthesis and acts an anti-oxidant to remove free radicals built up due environmental aggressors. The milk’s natural Lactoferrin has potent antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties, and the antibodies in camel milk are one tenth of the size of those in human milk, so they are absorbed into the skin, stimulating local immune response within the skin itself.

The skin is our largest organ and a critical part of our immune system. Camel milk cosmetics and treatments actively promote skin health and wellness; the Magic of Camel Milk.

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