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Founded in 2017 by mother-daughter duo Sophie Eldridge (mother) and Cheyenne Novak (daughter), Bodhifit is more than your average fitness studio. It’s a welcoming, nurturing community of like-minded people from all walks of life on their journey towards wellness of the mind, body and soul.

The Studio offers an array of custom in person and online fitness classes including Hatha Yoga, Barre and Meditation and Bodhifit’s bespoke creations trampoLEAN Fit and Yoga Sculpt. These classes are both an escape from the everyday and an opportunity to align the body with the mind. They’re low impact on the joints, high intensity by nature and will fulfill your need for a full body workout. 

The Clinic specialises in holistic health treatments. These include herbal consults to treat a variety of ailments, lymphatic massages, oracle card readings, and body cleanses.

Also learn about their sculpting tools for face and body to help keep your lymphatic system flowing and your skin glowing.

Visit Sophie & Cheyenne to find out more about Bodhifit classes and sculpting tools, clothing  and more at Yoga Day.

Go to Bodhifit Studio website >>>

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