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Awakening Lotus provides a new age of spiritual products and services to ignite and awaken your own beliefs, truths and sense of spirit.  From psychic readings, healings and workshops, to crystal kits and an online shop, we will guide you in strengthening your intuition and help you find your purpose on this Earth.  At Awakening Lotus, we support and empower individuals to transform their lives, generate positive energy and stimulate their minds.

Aura Photo Readings and Mini Charts

Our Auras and Chakras change all the time depending upon our emotional, mental, physical and spiritual states.  The different colours of our Aura and Chakras give us information about our well-being.

Aura and Chakra Photography measures your electra-dermal activity and electric conductivity.  You can watch your Aura and Chakras change colour and shape live on the screen!  An Aura and Chakra Photo can help you understand how you are affected by your environment.  And Jo can help you to come back into balance.  

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Guiding Your Soul Through Life-Changing Experiences


Hi, I'm Jo Thompson, Awakening Lotus.

A little bit about myself:

♡ I'm Psychic. I see, feel & hear. I communicate with Loved Ones who have passed. I can give you Clarity, Peace of Mind & a way to Move towards Success & Happiness.

♡ I'm also a Spiritual Healer. Helping you to Transform using Energy. Feelings Safe, Protected, Understood & Connected.

♡ I also do Aura & Chakra Photo Readings which help you to gain Clarity of how you interact with your environment. And how it affects you.

♡ Awakening Lotus has been Supporting Souls for over 20 years. Providing Products & Services Online at


♡ My Passion is to support you to Move Forward in Meaningful ways; Igniting/Awakening your Intuition & Purpose; Empowering you to Transform; generating positive energy & stimulating Choice & Freedom.

♡ Love is the Key. Please visit Awakening Lotus on the links above. Jo💜

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