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Olga Paras

Olga is a natural healer and psychic medium with over 20 years experience who is at the forefront of spiritual healing of both humans and animals. She specialises in reiki,Tesla metamorphosis light body work and spiritual healing. Her shamanic practices bring light and love to all things spiritual.

Her passion is working with those who cannot speak for themselves – our furry or feathered friends and loved ones. She offers animal communication, reiki healing, animal massage and energy healing.

Olga’s approachable and positive demeanour and ease in communication allows flow and connection for both humans and animals.

Bring a photo of your beloved pet, past or present if you wish for Olga to connect and let the magic begin.

Bernard Caldwell

Bernard is a talented psychic medium who has been communicating with Spirit since childhood. He uses the clair senses of clairvoyance, claircognizance and clairsentience to deliver messages through Spirit from loved ones who have crossed over.


He is an experienced platform medium, tarot reader and psychic intuitive.

He has been involved with the spiritual community for over 10 years and is the president of the Hills Spiritualist Centre. He is a spiritual leader who has guided many people in their spiritual development and awakening. Bernard is the real deal.

His motto is “You may not hear what you want; however, you will hear what you need from spirit”.

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