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Yogi on a Journey is an adventure for children of all ages.
It is a fun and playful way to discover the benefits of the Sun Salutation, also called Surya Namaskar, the most important and beautiful sequence in any flow of yoga practice.
Performed regularly, this set of 12 poses (or asanas) increases flexibility, strength, coordination and body awareness.
Practicing the Sun Salutation for ten minutes every morning will uplift your child's mood and boost their day with joy.

Book Description:
A young yogi sets out on a journey to thank the Sun for all the light, warmth and life she provides.
Along the way, he finds bravery, has adventures, faces fears and challenges.
Will he complete his quest ?
Join along and meet his friends, all while learning new flow of yoga poses.

The book's values:

For the children - It is a handy tutor that children can turn to as they develop their yoga skills.
Readers will follow along with the story-based text and use the book’s bright, engaging illustrations to guide their yoga practice.

Educators & Yoga teachers - Will enjoy using Yogi on a Journey as part of lesson plans.
This book acts as a guide to teaching children basic kid-friendly yoga poses.
It introduces yoga concepts through a fun story that children will LOVE!

For all of us - The book will function as a beautiful adventure story that reminds us that we all, like the Sun, can shine our uniqueness in our own way.

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Visit Shlomi at his Yogi on a Journey booth at Yoga Day.

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Shlomi is a preschool educator, Kids yoga teacher, balloon twister, book lover, and intermediate surfer.

He lives with his family in Sydney, Australia and is the founder of Yoga4kids - Sydney.

He has been practicing Yoga more than a decade and completed his kids Yoga training and Yoga teacher training in 2014 and 2015 respectively.

He holds a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care and has been working with preschoolers since 2016.

Shlomi feels that his first book "Yogi on a Journey" is an asset for parents, educators and children, and believes that it has two main functions:

One, to present an attractive way to teach the young generation the most common flow in the world of Yoga, the Sun Salutation (Surya Namaskar).

And two, that the book will function as a beautiful adventure story that reminds us we are all, like the Sun, can shine our uniqueness in our own way.

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