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Acro Yoga

Valerie Saindon

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Meet Valerie, an expert in the art of acroyoga. With years of training and practice under their belt, Valerie has become a sought-after acroyoga teacher in Australia. Known for her passion and expertise, Valerie brings a unique and dynamic energy to her classes.


Her teaching style is both fun and challenging, helping students to push their boundaries while also fostering a sense of community and connection.


Whether you’re a seasoned acroyoga practitioner or a complete beginner, Valerie’s classes are tailored to meet your needs and help you achieve your goals. With a focus on safety, alignment, and proper technique, Valerie will guide you through each pose and transition, helping you to develop strength, flexibility, and balance along the way.

What I am teaching at Yoga Day - Sydney

Acro Yoga Workshop


AcroYoga is a fun and engaging experience that allows you to build connections with people you are practicing with while staying fit and building core strength. Throughout the session, our teacher Valerie will take you through a series of AcroYoga poses. You DO NOT need a partner to join as we will be partnering people on the spot. Everyone attending will at least be able to hold 3 poses. Everyone is welcome. No prior AcroYoga or yoga experience needed.

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