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ToeSox Australia is the main stockist for the USA brands of ToeSox, Tavi, Base 33 and Tavi Apparel. Stocking everything from non-slip socks to women’s activewear, ToeSox Australia is your one-stop shop for all things fitness. Made from sustainable organic cotton our socks and gym clothes for women is softer, higher quality and more durable than regular cotton based products. Our selection of Yoga socks, Pilates socks, Sport socks, Grip socks even Barre and Dance socks come in an array of colours, patterns and styles that will leave you shopping for hours.

The Toesox branded grip socks are available in both Half and Full Toe designs that allow you to spread your toes while you work out, imitating the natural movements of the foot. For those looking for a more traditional style of non-slip sock, our Tavi and Base 33 socks are the perfect fit, anchoring your foot and creating more stability whilst you move. Available for both men and women, our grip socks are perfect for all barefoot activities.


At Toesox Australia, our values go beyond providing high-quality yoga accessories and women’s activewear to Australia and New Zealand consumers. Like our American Partners, at Toesox Australia, we value and actively partake in exhibiting sustainable business practices. Not only are all products wrapped using minimal waste packaging, all fabrics are planet-friendly! Our, TaviLuxe™ yoga wear, made using a CO2-neutral production process from low-water-use beech trees, in conjunction with Lenzing Modal fibres, made of cellulose derived from wood, are biodegradable fibres meaning they can re-enter the ecosystem at the end of life cycle. Practical, stylish, comfortable, and eco-friendly – our yoga accessories are the perfect blend of luxury and performance.

Visit Toesox for quality grip sox, activewear and leg warmers and try out their REFORMER machine at Yoga Day. 

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