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Elise Kovacs and Tim Lassig met in synchronous ways at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference at Uluru in January 2019. This activated and catapulted them into the next level of their spiritual awakening journey and was the catalyst for them coming together as Twin Flames, life partners and subsequently as business partners when they launched Source 88 in January 2020.


When Tim and Elise started Source 88 they were facilitating Breathwork and Sound Healing journeys and running spiritually inspired workshops. However over the last 4 years they have constantly evolved their offerings of service to the point where they now host Crystal Singing Bowl Intuitive Training workshops, Yoga teacher & Practitioner training for Crystal Bowls, Retreats, Mentorship programs, importing and retailing Crystal Singing Bowls & Crystal Instruments as well as facilitating Breathwork & Sound Healing Journeys, Crystal Bowl Sound Baths with vocal toning and Cacao Ceremonies.

Their Twin Flame union is a constant force for healing and transformation for themselves and outwards to helping others achieve the same. The purpose of Source 88 is to raise the vibration of the Planet and to activate others to do the same.

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