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Heidi Stenschke

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There’s a heavy daily influence from the world around us, on who we should be, how our lives should look and what we should be doing. And, it can be hard to hear or tap into our own inherent wisdom, when the world’s distractions are so loud.

This is why Heidi founded Hypnoga®.

Heidi wanted to create an empowering modality and a transformational community that could guide people back towards their own internal compass, their inner self and inner wisdom. She wanted people craving a calm mind and stronger body to have access to classes and programs that cultivated a new way of being – not just on the mat, but in their daily lives.


Hypnoga’s vision is drawn from Heidi's own journey of self-discovery. Her ability to hold space for her students and clients with love and kindness has empowered her by overcoming years of smoking, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence and being expelled from high school. This was an environment where all of these were the norm!

What I am teaching at Yoga Day - Sydney


This session will lead students to an Inner Revelation for Outer Transformation.

First, we move to generate energy. We lengthen and strengthen the body and raise the heart rate, circulating fresh blood throughout. Then we slow it down and allow the body to rest and integrate the benefits of the physical practice.

Next, as the body melts into the earth feeling rejuvenated and completely relaxed, we embark on a journey utilising the benefits of hypnosis to empower the mind at a conscious and unconscious level.

But that’s not all! In this session, we learn easy and practical skills to live a successful life with fun and fulfilling relationships. We create the perfect setting to easily engage the body, empower the mind in order to rest the body and rest the mind to become receptive to the benefits of guided hypnotherapy. 

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