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Gabz, a fitness enthusiast with a love for the ocean, created the NO. 1 Rude one piece. With its perfect blend of functionality and style, it became her go-to for everything water-related. The chest support offered unmatched comfort, allowing her to conquer the waves fearlessly while maintaining a stylish silhouette.


Whether she was catching waves, enjoying an ice bath to recover from a workout, or basking in the sun at the beach, the swimsuit proved its versatility. Its cheeky cut added a touch of playfulness, making Gabz feel both powerful and fierce as she embraced every adventure.


One day, Gabz decided to take her swimsuit beyond the waves. She paired it with jean shorts and headed to a beachside cafe for a post-workout coffee. The NO. 1 Rude Empowerment Elegance seamlessly transitioned from water to land, turning heads with its chic design.


As she sipped her coffee, Gabz felt a unique blend of confidence and cheekiness, embodying the spirit of the swimsuit. The compliments she received affirmed that this piece wasn’t just for water activities; it was a symbol of empowerment and style for every facet of her active life.


The NO. 1 Rude Empowerment Elegance swimsuit became more than just a piece of activewear, it became Gabz’s companion on her journey to conquer the seas, stay fit, and enjoy life’s simple pleasures with a touch of elegance and cheekiness.


High neck

Full coverage

Signature Swim soft nylon/spandex blend fabric

Perfect for any water sports



Vegan Leather (on the neck) : 80% Nylon 20% Spandex

Vita Power (on the body) : 78% Polyamide 22% Elastane

Powernet (mesh textured on the front near armpit and back side) : 90% Nylon 10% Spandex

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