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A Sound Life

Catriona Byrne


Catriona is a senior yoga teacher & certified yoga therapist.  She is also wellness space curator, birth doula, meditation teacher & mother.  Catriona has been teaching yoga since 2005 after her first teacher training in Rishikesh, India.  Since then, she has gone on to train mainly in the Krishnamacharya tradition with Sal Flynn, Mark Whitwell, Shiva Rea, Clive Sheridan, Donna Farhi & more.  She achieved a postgraduate in Yoga therapy with the yoga therapy institute in 2021.   She has undertaken specialist training in trauma yoga & yoga for 12 step program - recovery and relapse prevention.  She has been teaching trauma yoga to reformed addicts for over 5 years now with tremendous success.

Catriona also trains new volunteer yoga teachers in ‘Trauma informed yoga’ for A Sound Life.  With an interest in the therapeutic benefits of yoga she has also been teaching yoga for cancer patients.

Aside from teaching Catriona also curates the wellness area of large music arts festival ‘Lost Paradise’ and draws together an international and eclectic mix of wellness, healing arts, inspirational speakers, scientists, mantra & master yogi’s.

“For me, it’s an incredibly exciting time to be involved in the yoga world as science more and more frequently publishes evidence-based research around its benefits.  I have the deepest reference for ancient wisdom practices and am continually blown away witnessing their profound effects”

What I am teaching at Yoga Day - Sydney

Trauma Informed Yoga Flow with A Sound Mind

Join yoga therapist Catriona Byrne from A Sound Life for a special trauma informed class, where you will experience the powerful effects of this therapeutic practice. This practice is designed to benefit anyone who has experienced trauma or has been diagnosed with PTSD. It's used in various organisations that A Sound Life facilitates such as mental health outbound programs, drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres, women’s refuges, crisis accommodation for children and people with cancer. A Sound Life's mission is to empower people in need, to become more resilient by providing therapeutic yoga, interactive music and mindfulness meditation sessions. Our sessions are designed to uplift spirits, build positive connections, and restore harmony in hearts and minds.

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