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Annika Saigi

Nin Yoga


ANNIKA SAIGI - Studio Founder, Yoga & Aerial Teacher

Annika grew up in Western Sydney, and spent most of her late teens and early 20s in People Management, as well as travelling, before discovering movement after being recommended to start exercising to help heal a back injury. The gym bored her, so she took up Trapeze, Tissu and Aerial Hoop at a local pole dance studio, which then inspired her to quit her day job, take a massive pay cut, and start teaching these disciplines instead.

With a love for travel still twirling inside of course, she decides she would feed two birds with one scone, and head on over to India to become a certified Yoga Teacher as well. With only a handful of yoga classes under her belt before arriving, she fell in love with the quiet, the connection to spirit and how accessible yoga can be for all those around her.

Starting with her own classes at the local Community Centre, she has now opened, owned and operated x4 Yoga Studios and x1 Fitness studio, all located within Western Sydney.

Completing now over 900 Hours in Yoga Training, as well as the studio now hosting its own Yoga Teacher Trainings, she continues to work in the day to day operations of the studios, as she adores what she does, not just so she can continue to serve her community, but to also show her 2 daughters that women can do whatever they feel called to.

What I am teaching at Yoga Day - Sydney

Yin Yang Yoga


A class on the duality of yoga and this thing called life.

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