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Dru Yoga

Angela Baker

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Angela is passionate about contributing positively to this wonderful world!

Her career started in the environment movement with roles in event coordination, facilitation for change and empowerment for youth, community and other interest groups across Australia and Asia. Angela started Dru Yoga in 2006, inspired by the care for people and planet that is a hallmark of Dru. Since then she has been training, working and teaching with Dru globally.


As a Senior Tutor for the Dru Yoga Teacher Training Course, Angela mentors a team of Dru Yoga tutors across Australia and New Zealand.  Angela loves being part of  the transformation that occurs for students on all our courses. 


What I am teaching at Yoga Day - Sydney

Subtle Energetics of Yoga

Angela will be team teaching with Ruth Gent to take you on a magical adventure into the field of our subtle energy layers in a methodical and grounded way. The physical benefits of yoga are wonderfully popular.  Now experience how to become more aware of and then consciously move prana itself, the force that conducts the thread of consciousness through all layers of awareness.


Dru Yoga is often referred to as "The Yoga of the Heart”, we are a deeply bhakti inspired organisation.  Discover what makes Dru Yoga unique by experiencing our unique Dru Energy Block Release Sequences.  Find out what makes Dru yoga an all inclusive and trauma sensitive form of Yoga.


Also discover what makes Dru Yoga Teacher Training unique if you are not yet a Yoga Teacher.

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