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Visit All Natural Wheat Bags at Yoga Day to experience the difference.  Or check them out and purchase early!

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Wheat bag with back strap

Deluxe eye pillows

Heat Therapy & Natural Pain Relief

Simple things like getting a decent night’s sleep or making time to ease away the stress and tension or soothe aching muscles after a long day matters in life.

All Natural Wheat Bags products are the products you can believe in. Let All Natural Wheat Bags support you on your journey to wellness with our wheat bags which are filled with specially treated wheat grains and 100% natural.


Each wheat bag from All Natural Wheat Bags is designed to be both functional and comfortable to use. As a a safe alternative to the traditional hot water bottle, wheat bags can keep you warm and ease aches and pains. Our Wheat Bags are the ideal gifts and come in a variety of styles to suit everyone.

Made in Australia with locally grown natural wheat.

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Our Story

All Natural Wheat Bags was created in 1995 by Chris and Liz Gosbell. At that time, wheat bags or ‘heat packs’ were not heard of, and the common response was “What, you make wheat what?” This unusual practice of placing wheat inside a cotton filled bag and placing them in the microwave was quite a novelty. It was then realised the therapeutic benefits of placing a warm wheat bag on aching muscles actually provided many people with some hope that they could soothe their tired aching muscles.


We value our customers and we know they are using a safe and easy-to-use product. Why not try our All Natural Wheat Bags? You’ll be glad you did.

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